My Go Daddy Domain Discount Code — and Exposing Danica’s Teeth!

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Let’s say you have an idea for your own website and want to purchase a relevant domain name before others do. I recommend using Go Daddy as your ICANN registrar because I’ve joined their no-fee-to-join referral program! My referral code is WOWOHLER – thereby giving me a $5 credit on future domain renewal or purchase for each new registrant (though only on the first domain purchased by the registrant).

If you are one of my potentially many referred registrants, then Go Daddy gives 35% off your first order’s domain registration total via the WOWOHLER code if you use it by April 30, 2013. Otherwise, expect a 30% discount when using that referral code after April 30.

Click this URL to access the login page where you sign in (or create an account), order your domain names, manually enter and validate your code at the bottom of the order preview / checkout page, and then proceed to pay.

Below you see the Go Daddy landing page; click on the image (or any other in my blog) to open the full-sized file in a new tab. Who is that woman? NASCAR driver Danica Patrick: she has been the mascot and spokesperson (spokesmodel?) of the Go Daddy website domain registration company (registrar) since 2006.

Danica Smirks

I find this puzzling on two levels:

  1. Is there really that strong of a correlation between NASCAR viewership and tendency to register Internet domains?
  2. Danica barely cracks a smile; it’s more of a smirk. Why doesn’t she show any teeth when smiling?

As of this writing, I own 40 domains but have not watched a NASCAR race since the one time in grade school when I tried to but was bored to numbness after ten laps or so. I don’t think I could tolerate the noise of a live NASCAR event for very long — even with headphones — before having to leave.

Handling a motor vehicle at high speeds for hours at a time requires unbroken concentration and nuances in acceleration, steering, and aerodynamics. It’s just that I don’t have the patience to sit through spectator sports in general, a fault which is overcome when the purpose of the viewing is to socialize with fellow fans at least as much as observing the event.

Nonetheless, it could be that I’m an outlier from the trend, so I won’t belabor a second-guessing of the Go Daddy market research team. They probably have megabytes of survey data on the matter, whereas individual anecdotal evidence — N of 1 research — a case study — has only one perspective.

Now asked forthrightly about the potentially sensitive topic of showing one’s teeth, will Danica deign to display dentition?

Danica Relents and Grins!

Yes, Danica deigns! She relents! That’s much better!
Danica also had the courtesy of applying lipstick and changing into a red racing suit for us, which I find easier on the eyes than that lime green outfit she usually has to wear. Notice how the red of her body suit matches the hue of her lipstick? Color coordination!

Does boyfriend and fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. approve of her vampishly revamped presentation? I would think he compartmentalizes the personal and professional to stay in good graces with NASCAR and other revenue-producing entities and hence does not object. Business is business!

I’m also guessing physical therapist and ex-beau Paul Hospenthal wouldn’t mind the more provocative visage considering he has less of a stake in Danica’s game now. And Danica herself? She’s been noted to have a sense of humor. (If counsel from the legal team of Mr. Hospenthal, Mr. Stenhouse, or Ms. Patrick is reading, then please recognize the text and PhotoShopped image in this section to comprise a parody and not a credible claim to anything.)

So what was the point of all that lead-in, the never-ending aside? It was an excuse to get onto the first search engine result page (SERP) for searches about Danica Patrick hesitating to smile or never grinning. I get most of my page views not from social sharing but from dominating the first SERPs of unique key phrases. I would say “business is business” again except that I’m doing this for my own entertainment rather than to make any money. (I have a donation button atop and on the end of each post just in case someone needs to donate to a pointless cause.) Remember to use my referral code to get 35% off your domain registration total by April 30 and 30% off thereafter!

WOWOHLER Promo Code for 35% Off

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