Firefox 28.0: In Spite of Mozilla

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The month of April proved to be an overall low tide for Mozilla Foundation. By mid-April, the firm had injected politics into technology by removing CEO Brendan Eich for making a grassroots donation to a traditional marriage law campaign — thereby wasting the time of the Board of Directors and the money paid to vet candidates for CEO — before Eich could even do his job for more than two weeks. Progressives gloated over their torch-and-pitchfork ousting of an ideological opponent…

…Until the abysmal 29th release of Firefox showed Eich’s erstwhile employer to no longer be a source of pride for someone of Brendan’s ambition. Would Mozilla stoop so low as to blame their latest abortion, “Firefox: Brainfart Edition,” on the ousted Eich? I can already tell Brendan will achieve bigger and better things elsewhere!

The know-it-alls in the Mozilla echo chamber forced the fetishistic design tastes of techno dweebs onto the rest of the Firefox-using populace in the early morning of April 29, 2014.

Rather than spend time tearing down version 29, I’ll cut to the chase by showing how you can successfully re-install Firefox version 28. Although we cannot turn back the clock on society, we may certainly do so with software — technocrats and “change for change’s sake” project directors be damned!

I first tried copying the Firefox release page URL into, but the hyperlink from every snapshot redirects to the hashed download link populated by the same database connection or some other techno-trick.

Obviously, this lack of links to earlier releases is all part of Mozilla’s dirty plan to coerce users onto the new platform. And don’t be mistaken: version 29 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, not the 28th edition you know and love (beyond emotional capacity) like pretty well!

I then searched the Internet for “Firefox 28.0” and found a bunch of mirror sites that simply redirected to Mozilla’s current URL. However, I finally located a link to the stable 28.0 release from the website — albeit, the software was in French.

Although I eventually found the English version 28, I live life on “hard mode” and enjoy conquering challenges. Here’s a quick pictorial on how I “made do” with the French edition until I decided enough was enough:

Finding an Earlier Version on the Internet
These guys were considerate enough to place an archival link to the French Firefox v.28.0.

Installing the French Release (Before Finding the English Equivalent)
I translated the French options into English.

Translating French Firefox Options into English
The Bing translator gave these transliterations.

Firing up French Firefox
Starting up French Firefox from the installation wizard.

English LinkedIn Profile in French Firefox
Here is my LinkedIn profile with English where I input data and French where data is auto-populated.

But if you’re an American like me, then you want ENGLISH in your Firefox menu! You don’t want to go through a menu to toggle forth the de facto lingua franca of the U.S., let alone hear your text-to-speech software say, “Welcome to Firefox! Dial 1 for English…”

English LinkedIn Profile in English-Language Firefox
Here is my LinkedIn profile with English in all data fields, as it should be.

Instructions to force English into your Firefox:

1) Click the address bar.

2) Type into that address bar “about:config” and press the return key. Click “OK” at the not-quite-intimidating warning that you could void any warranty by tinkering with these settings.
Direct access to your Firefox innards is but a mere twelve characters and a return away.

3) Click the search box that appears below the address bar.
The Firefox configuration search bar appears just below the address navigation bar.

4) Type “general.useragent.locale” in that search textbox and press the return key.
Find the appropriate Firefox configuration setting by typing either the specific attribute or part of the word you're thinking about.

5) Right-click “general.useragent.locale” and click “modify.”


6) Delete whatever value exists — in this case, “fr” for French — and type “en-us” for U.S. English. Then press the return key.
Here is how to change the default browsing language.

7) Close your browser. The next time you launch Firefox, American English will be your default Firefox language!

8) …For retrieving Internet content. To change the language of the menus, click the following link to download Firefox 28.0 (stable release).

9) Save “Firefox Setup 28.0.exe” to a directory where you can find it — in case you need to rollback future auto-updates — and double-click or return-key it to run the installation wizard.

10) Follow the prompts. I prefer the custom installation so you can opt out of taskbar icons and desktop shortcuts that may otherwise crowd your workspace.

11) Launch Firefox and immediately click these menu options: Tools >> Options >> Advanced tab.

12) Click the Update tab below the Advanced tab.

13) In the Firefox Updates area, click to mark the radio button, “Never check for updates.”

Although that is officially a “security risk,” you need to do this to prevent Firefox 29 from auto-installing! There aren’t any vulnerabilities specific to the stable Firefox 28 that lack a patch, so go ahead and disown further updates — all future updates will be for FF 29+, anyway.
Disable Updater.exe so that later versions of Firefox do not overwrite your earlier edition.

14) Click “OK” and close your browser so that any background updating to Firefox 29 is blocked by your newly applied blockage of Updater.exe. This blocks only the FF update service and does not block Windows Update or other operating system features.

You are now safe from the tyranny of post-Eich Mozilla and its nefarious updates! And thanks to my provision of a download link to the 28.0 American English edition, one may enjoy a restored browsing experience from before the 29-on-the-29th browser apocalypse!

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