Renee Wachter’s New Year’s Resolution: Find a New Job!

Of the five chancellors at 4-year UW System schools who received a raise last December, UW-Superior Chancellor, Renee Wachter, has clearly been the most despised and least-deserving!

Herein, I examine why those in-the-know are avoiding professional contact with Wachter. (She’s in the market for a new job, you know.)

Remember the WPR article that I referenced in my prior article? (Go back and read it — you’ll add another view to my hit counter!)

Relevant for this piece, that very summary cites this understatement-of-the-century from Wachter underling Daniel Fanning, “Our chancellor [and many rank-and-file] have had to make tough budget decisions in the last couple [of] years.”

Right — such as whether to prioritize the athletic center or the dormitories as the next capital project.

Oh, wait — UW-Superior doesn’t have the money for capital projects! Because it’s “in the red,” i.e. poor-broke!!

And can you guess why -that- is? Because UW-Superior has been bleeding headcount, losing students left, right, and center!!!

Sinking Enrollment = Why Wachter Must Not Settle for a “Wait and See” Approach

To recap: UW-Superior has lost an average 73 students annually, or 12-percent of its headcount, since 2010. That’s the result of -very- poor recruitment and retention!

Students are slower to enroll there, because something is rotten at UW-Superior. (To say nothing of Hamlet‘s Denmark.) One can only speculate why, but I’m fairly confident that a study of graduates’ actual occupational outcomes will bear-out the idea that many among UW-Inferior’s recent alumni have not realized their full economic potential — and not for lack of trying, but for lack of their alma mater’s prestige.

Spin Doctors Wanted: The Greatest Challenge for UW-Superior’s Hangers-On

The most “difficult” question Renee and her cohorts face is: “How are we going to regain student confidence — and more importantly, their money — when they see hard-hitting criticisms of us in the news and on blogs?”

Great question… The answer is: “They won’t!”

Time to find a new job, Renee — preferably, in a different line of work. Ever consider a home bakery?

(Never mind. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos might spoil your fun! As well as limit your exclamation-point quota.)

Bonus Section: Satirically Modified Photos Of Renee Wachter!

Coming soon…