“Higher Education Hucksters” Book Announced

Dissatisfied college graduate Joe Ohler was a cheese packer with a master’s degree. Being under-employed -wasn’t- his choice — instead, it was the cumulative decisions of many hiring managers, who collectively deemed him to be nothing more than an unskilled peon with a piece of paper. (Or few, in Mr. Ohler’s case.)

However, Ohler is fighting back against his market-destined fate: By becoming a thought leader!

And not just a social media star with more “hidden” followers than openly admitted, but a published presence whose insights send chills of uncertainty into the higher-education establishment.

“I wasn’t about to let the opinions of clueless human resources people determine my future,” Ohler said.

“I decided that given how few books there are warning about the dangers of higher education, my main idea makes me a thought leader. And that premise is: More higher education is often worse!”

The lack of constructive feedback from hiring managers has meant there are no guideposts to becoming best-qualified for any role he pursues. Some assume the panacea is to “get more experience,” while no one will hire you to get that first experience.

The dictum, “Get more experience,” seems unevenly applied, when less-experienced peers have been offered jobs better than the one Ohler has and comparable to the ones for which he interviews. So, only people similar to Mr. Ohler must overcome the additional odds of lacking experience, while others different from him are given a “free pass.”

Such differential outcomes motivated Mr. Ohler to write a book about his experiences as an unwanted, under-valued baccalaureate college grad.

He believes that by sharing his insights, he can help the untallied others who earned their credentials but remain cast-off from those opportunities towards which their formal education had been advertised as “advancing one’s career.” (As opposed to being an expensive detour without a so-called “college wage premium” to show for it all.)

Mr. Ohler also aspires to discourage strong-headed “preppies” from their tentative goals of a liberal-arts university.

“Just because you might self-identify as college-bound, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to enroll. Don’t let parents, peers, or teachers pressure you into the toxic investment of a college education! A bachelor’s degree can be the worst waste of your time and money, even if you choose a major that’s allegedly in-demand.”

Mr. Ohler will entitle his book, “Higher Education Hucksters: When More Education Is Worse.”

Some say, “Why not call it, ‘University scam exposed?'”

Joe Ohler says, “Because that title would be more generic, and therefore less memorable, than my title, ‘Higher Education Hucksters.'”


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