JoeOhlerJr Blog Revises Posting Schedule: Now Monthly, Instead of Semi-Weekly

Some say the hurricanes, tornadoes, and assorted windstorms are “coming earlier” than usual. While there’s no scientific consensus about -that-, I can affirmatively attest: The first 12-hour workday of my permatemp-jobsite dairy plant’s year-2017 “fresh line” peak season occurred the first Tuesday of April, which is more than one month earlier than prior busy period, which had begun the week before Memorial Day 2016.

(This dairy plant’s “fresh line” commenced operations in late summer 2014, a few months before I joined. I’m now the longest-running “fresher,” by a two-year gap over the next-senior worker — although with -all- of us being temps, “There is no seniority.” #OccupationalIrony)

I also finished filing my federal and state income taxes. Because eFile is too delicate and glitch-prone — Anyone else have to fish-around for their last year’s adjusted-gross income to unlock this year’s “Free File” account? — I snail-mailed my tax returns with days to spare.

Long-time readers will realize: What a fortuitous change from my original tax-filing situation!

The grand irony is that what elevated my income was -not- my ultimately banal college degree (in public administration), but the fact I ended-up in a cheese-packing gig and stayed long enough to negotiate myself a 30-percent raise. The lesson here is that persistence with earning progressively more education does not necessarily pay-off; but persistence with working at the same employer for many years often -does- pay a better reward than any college degree you could possibly earn. (And yes, I’m working on the book Higher Education Hucksters: When More Education Is Worse… one sentence at a time!)

The bottom line is that I’ve been consistently busy offline; and have therefore come-to-grips with the reality that I won’t be able to write as often as I’d like. I hereby announce a reduced revised posting schedule: will now post monthly, instead of semi-weekly. See you in May!

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