Preoccupation With Job Competition Invokes Insights on Ultra-Capitalism

This is all I’m posting this week, because I’m preoccupied with applying for jobs that would -ostensibly- provide an entry-level “foot in the door” and subsequent career-advancement prospects. Yes, it’s back to the part of the rat-race decathlon that I call “job competition.”

I see it as the worst part of the rat-race decathlon because job interviews are a winner-takes-all, losers-get-nothing proposition. Why are there no consolation prizes for job seekers? #UltraCapitalism, #AlsoRansAreScrewed

How about some consolation prize for the finalists, such as a favorable lead to other positions in related organizations? #ReputationalRisk, #ThatIsWhy

While my memories of prior rejections for these types of jobs can be troublesome, I manage to block-out, or “dissociate,” these negative memories into a far corner of my mind just-before and during the job interview.

Is dissociation dishonest? Perhaps, but hiring managers -hate- any semblance of negativity; worry-free, pro-social “acting” is what they demand, even while simultaneously desiring people who “demonstrate urgency.” How can one be urgent, yet also be worry-free? #Paradox

The good news for hiring managers is that I can put-on a positive demeanor without any Prozac, so they need-not worry about medication side-effects or how much I’ll cost them in pharmaceutically-related health insurance.


If you’re an employer who -does- appreciate a healthy dose of realistic negativity, then recruit me on LinkedIn. Although -most- people try to -avoid- employers of your “pessimistic” mindset, -I’m alright- with working there. #UnafraidOfReality

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