Job-Interview-Withdrawal Walkthrough for Those Interviewing for MMHI Psychiatric Care Technician

Tomorrow, I interview for Psychiatric Care Technician (and Psychiatric Care Technician – Advanced) — what was formerly called “psych-ward orderly” — at the Mendota Mental Health Institute. This means another perusal of my pre-interview checklist might be useful in determining forgotten steps in the process of making Joe Ohler the front-runner for this role.

Lo-and-behold, I found a last-minute preparation that anyone else interviewing for psychiatric tech at the MMHI ought to do: I even made a walkthrough!

Last-Minute Procedures For Withdrawing From Your MMHI Job Interview

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you wish to sacrifice your interview slot to increase my chances of being chosen. (Although I already have an interview scheduled, the more people who withdraw, the greater my chances of being hired.)

A) Withdraw via email

– All you need is to send an email to Jennifer “Jennifer” Hocker ( with the subject line, “Withdrawal RE: Psychiatric Care Technician – MMHI (JAC 17-02661)” and, if you feel, a brief explanation in the email body (so that Jennie’s email client doesn’t mistake your otherwise-empty-bodied message for spam).

Use this withdrawal-via-email method if you cannot do Option B, i.e. you forgot your login credentials for the MMHI’s appointment-scheduling website. Feel free to model your email message on my screen-captured draft below:


Caption: Don’t worry; I didn’t actually send this. #StillInTheRunning -Screen grab by Joseph Ohler, Jr.-

B) Withdraw by canceling your interview through the MMHI’s job-interview-scheduling website

– While tedious-sounding, this method only takes two minutes more than drafting and sending an email to Jennifer Hocker. (However, if you forgot your login credentials, then send a withdrawal email, as in Option A.)

Step B1) – Find the appointment hyperlink sent by MMHI.


Caption: Click this link to access the MMHI job-interview-scheduling website. -Screen grab by Joseph Ohler, Jr.-

Step B2) – Enter your login credentials for the MMHI job-interview-scheduler portal.


Caption: Enter your login credentials into the upper-right boxes. Then, click “Log In.” -Screen grab by Joseph Ohler, Jr.-

Step B3) – Identify, and click “Cancel” next to, the job-interview appointment you had at MMHI.


Caption: Click the “Cancel” link next to your appointment. (Yours might be 8:00 a.m. instead of 1:00 p.m.) -Screen grab by Joseph Ohler, Jr.-

Step B4) – Click the “OK” button to confirm you’ve canceled your job interview at MMHI!


Caption: Click “OK” to confirm your withdrawal. Congrats on having one fewer chore to do! -Screen grab by Joseph Ohler, Jr.-

C) Withdraw verbally when you show-up

– If you had the willpower to interview until seeing your competition in-person, at the physical agility test — or if you simply forgot to withdraw electronically — then you can still take yourself out-of-consideration by verbally telling the interviewer(s) that you wish to no-longer be considered.

Think about it: Besides sparing yourself the grueling physical agility test and the nerve-wracking panel interview, you also free-up another 3 hours (of what would-have-been the interview time) to shop the stores around Madison! #InterviewFree #ShoppingSpree

Deferring to Joe Ohler in the Selection Process

If you’ve withdrawn from an interview for MMHI psychiatric-care technician, then you’re my hero(ine). Rather than merely speak of empty-handed Progressive ideals, you’re putting your job prospects where your mouth is, by stepping-aside until I’m hired first. #RealSocialJustice

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