What is this Blog?

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This Non-
Space Is NOT
for Rent!

(Reverse Psychology)

Don't even bother with college unless you have these 3 intangibles!

My primary writing endeavor is the Absurd Job Vacancies blog. I actually prefer Blogger over WordPress due to the former allowing custom XHTML for free, whereas WP requires a paid account before the user may customize layouts or add scripts — although I did find a way to style via fixed-position “div” tags.

Anything which I feel a need to write about — but doesn’t fit well on my AJV blog — ends up here. I decided to use WP for this “non-AJV dumping ground” of written work so I can honestly tell people I have experience running blogs on both Blogger and WordPress.

You may learn more about me at my LinkedIn profile.

You may peruse — and potentially purchase — tee shirts which I have designed.

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