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[08-22-2018 Update:]
I almost changed the title of this page to, “Congrats, Pat Rego.” However, I did not because:

1) It would have changed the URL, which would-have invalidated the many inbound links I have. (Which would not hurt the newspapers or the other referrers, but would impair my blog’s search-engine ranking.); and

2) The change-in-tone might have sounded insincere, given the gravity and intensity of my campaign. (I’m not kissing-up-to Rego; not that it would do any good, seeing how we’ve not crossed paths since the election.)

Instead, I updated the content of this page to reflect-upon how this unfruitful detour into politics empowered me to better-use my limited resources, such-as my social capital (which did not suffer from my localized campaign) and my time (which seems to flee faster as I age).

There is one pervasive, predominant proposition that permeates my poll-seeking pratfall! (There’s my alliterative sense-of-humor, peeking-through again.)

The main idea is: Social capital matters much-more-than presenting a comprehensive ideological platform.

Corollary 1: When you know a plurality of everyone in a local voting district, you can get-away-with political inexperience and hand-wave your procedural ignorance by saying, “I’ll learn as I go.”

Corollary 2: Like voters, employers want an ignorant individual they can trust, instead-of a knowledgeable person they cannot trust.

Corollary 3: Having a campaign website is counter-productive for the less-popular candidate, when no one cares about the issues. (Including journalists, who want to find unflattering things to report, because milquetoast candidates do not make a compelling headline.)

And so, this page is no-longer a campaign platform, but a reflection upon why I won’t offer myself as a candidate for office in the foreseeable future.

(I’d be contented-with assisting someone else’s campaign, however. Use LinkedIn to connect-with me for this purpose.)
[/08-22-2018 Update]

[04-03-2018 Update:]
Here’s my campaign flier! If parts of it don’t print so-well, then “write-in” the missing parts. (Pun intentional!)
[/04-03-2018 Update]

[03-20-2018 Original:]

Be sure to write-in “Joe Ohler” for Sauk County Supervisor this Tuesday, April 3rd at your local polling station!

This is more than stopping Pat Rego’s infiltration of our County leadership: It is ensuring the prosperity of Sauk County through hard work, common sense, and honesty.

[NOTE: The web servers at and do not appear to be working properly. I have therefore copied the campaign platforms of each website and posted them here, for a side-by-side comparison. -JPO]

Issue-By-Issue Analysis of Sauk County Board of Supervisor Candidates:
Joe Ohler vs. Pat Rego

Question Joe Ohler Pat Rego
What is the role of county government? Maintain and police roads between municipalities; provide emergency services for townships when needed; and provide a point-of-contact for citizens to access State-funded services. I’ll learn that later.
(I don’t know!)
How should county government respond when a citizen appeals a local ordnance they dislike? Err on the side of the local government, to respect local autonomy. I’ll learn that later.
(I don’t know!)
Which roads does the county government maintain and snow plow? Any segments of highways and freeways that are within the county. I’ll learn that later.
(I don’t know!)
How should county government attract jobs?

1) Incorporate local needs into the County’s “Master Plan” zoning document.

2) Keep it affordable to live and do business in the County.

3) Respect local autonomy. (Points 1 and 2 depend on this.)

I’ll learn that later.
(I don’t know!)

Beyond the Issues: Joe Ohler vs. Pat Rego on Values

What are your guiding values? Joe Ohler’s values are: Faith in God; faith in family; and faith in local control, in that order. Pat Rego believes social justice is how we define it. (“We,” inclusive of special-interest groups Rego “led.”)
What are your views on leadership? Joe Ohler understands the most valuable “leadership” is not recognized officially, but occurs in the everyday moral choices people make. It happens when you secretly help someone in need; when you keep confidences; even when you speak-up for the company that eventually lays you off. Leadership is living by example. Pat Rego believes you need special-interest groups to “lead” you (astray).
Who influences your decisions? Local voters and taxpayers are where Joe Ohler stands. Pat Rego listens to the Madison special-interest groups she had “led”… None of whom have been divulged to the public.

The Essay Question: Joe Ohler vs. Pat Rego
on Economic and Workforce Development

How does your professional background shape your views of economic and workforce development?

As a well-educated laborer, Joe Ohler is an everyday worker with everyday challenges. Joe Ohler understands the honest, hard-working Sauk County citizens do not want Madison special interests interfering in their lives.

The fact is that no matter how many college graduates we produce, there will only be so-many of this job or that one. Employers and hiring managers hold all the cards; we’ve therefore a demand-side economy.

The UW Colleges won’t like this, but it must be said for the public’s benefit: For anyone to promote more-and-more “higher education” as a means of creating these scarce “knowledge work” jobs out-of-thin-air, is selling snake oil that only wastes job seekers’ precious time and money.

-Most- of the work to be done does not need much education or any degree, but an austere willingness to get-up early; go to bed late; and sweat a great deal to earn your pay, with no guarantee of job security. This has also been demonstrated to people who have earned their degrees, but cannot enter the field for which they trained, because the university had misrepresented the demand for its own graduates.

The bottom line is that we cannot magically create more “knowledge work” jobs (S.T.E.M.; F.I.R.E.; and so-forth) because most people don’t often need the work produced by those niche jobs. We don’t buy engineering services every week or re-finance every month, like we might visit a restaurant every week or the hardware store every month.

I never had a hard time finding work that I enjoyed because I was a nurse for 38 years and never had to re-train myself or find another job. Admittedly, I cannot relate to citizens who are tossed-about by economic forces beyond their immediate control.

[/03-20-2018 Original]

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